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University and enterprise cooperation, science and technology help: "Collection medicine Kang" into the School of Animal Science

SOURCE : TIME:2023-03-31

To promote students' in-depth understanding of enterprises related to the subject, promote students' practice and employment work, educate and guide students to grasp the situation and improve their professional and technical ability, on the afternoon of March 29, the College of Animal Science and Jiangsu JidiZhukang Biotechnology Co., LTD held a technical information conference and campus recruitment information conference. Professor Yuan Bao, Vice President of College of Animal Science, Professor Liu Jiao Ling, undergraduate counselor of 2019, undergraduate students of 2019 and 2020 and some graduate students attended the meeting.

First, Professor Yuan Bao presided over the technical information session. Dr. Han Yang, Marketing and Technical Director of Beijing Yaokang Biotechnology Co., LTD., gave a technical lecture titled "Genetically engineered mouse Model Accurately Serves biomedical Field". Based on relevant scientific facts as a starting point, Dr. Han talks about the construction strategy of genetically engineered mice, the breeding and quality control of mice, and the establishment and application of mouse disease models. After the lecture, the students had a heated discussion and asked questions. Dr. Han also encouraged people to participate in academic exchanges more widely, devote themselves to scientific research and make a difference. After the technology promotion meeting, Zhan Linglong, manager of the Human Resource Center of Jiangsu Best Pharmaceutical Kang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., brought campus recruitment promotion to everyone. Mr. Zhan introduced the company's development, advantages in products, services and core technologies, as well as the company's talent welfare policy, employment environment and salary to the students in humorous language. Finally, Dr. Wang Dingyu, deputy general manager of Beijing Yaokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. shared interview skills with students based on his own experience and encouraged students to be good at discovering their own campus experience during the interview process, confident and generous, and unhurried. At this point, this activity came to an end in the warm applause of the students.

School-enterprise cooperation, science and technology help. The College of Animal Science continues to work hard on student practice and employment, bringing in enterprises and making students "move". While strengthening cooperation between universities and enterprises, we will promote employment better, expand more employment channels and build broader employment platforms for students. The students also said that through this information conference, they have a deep understanding of the well-known corporate culture, talent needs, development prospects and so on in the industry. They are more clear about their future career planning and full of confidence in their future employment.