Animal Science

Faculty: Agriculture

Introduction: Animal science is a science based on biology that studies the basic laws of animal life, including genetic variation, growth and development, reproduction, digestion and metabolism. It aims to provide humans with high-quality and large quantity of animal products to meet the needs of people’s lives. The research field of modern animal science has expanded from traditional animal husbandry to various fields such as aquatic animals, medicinal animals, companion animals, and economic animals, and the research has deepened to the molecular level. Animal science is one of the most challenging and promising fields in life science in the 21st century. In October 2014, the major of animal science passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and was approved as the “Pilot Project for the Reform of the Training Model of Top-Notch Innovative Talents in Agriculture and Forestry” and “Pilot Project for the Reform of the Training Mode of Versatile and Practical Talents in Agriculture and Forestry”. This major aims at cultivating high-quality top innovative and versatile talents in animal science and technology who are in possession of the knowledge and skills in animal genetics and breeding, animal reproduction, animal nutrition and feed science, livestock environmental hygiene and pasture design, livestock farm management and animal production, and have innovative spirit, practical ability and international vision.

Main courses: Animal Histology and Anatomy, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Physiology, Animal Genetics, Animal Breeding, Animal Reproduction, Animal Nutrition, Feed Science, Animal Environment Hygiene and Pasture Design, Production of Animal, Introduction to Animal Medicine, etc.

Employment orientation: After graduation, students can apply for graduate studies in animal science, animal medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology and other related majors, and would be competent for the technical and management work in colleges and universities, scientific research, administrative management, enterprises and other departments related to animal genetics and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal production and so on.

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