Animal Science (The direction of Laboratory animals)

Faculty: Agriculture

Introduction: This major concentrates on the laboratory animal genetics, breeding and reproduction, laboratory animal nutrition and feed, quality control of laboratory animals, animal experiment technology, model preparation of laboratory animals, as well as the cultivation of new varieties of laboratory animals, and creation of animal models. This major aims at cultivating versatile talents in laboratory animal science who have a good command of the knowledge and skills in laboratory animal technology, laboratory animal breeding, laboratory animal production, control of infectious diseases in laboratory animals, laboratory animal model preparation, non-clinical safety evaluation of drugs, laboratory animal nutrition and feed science, are competent for laboratory animal production and breeding, laboratory animal feed production, model preparation, non-clinical safety evaluation of drugs, animal experimentation, etc., have good knowledge of the theoretical cutting edges and trends of the subject, and can engage in teaching, scientific research, production and management in related departments, enterprises and institutions.

Main courses: Methods of Animal Experimentation, Laboratory Animal Surgery, Laboratory Animal Breeding, Laboratory Animal Production, Laboratory Animal Infectious Disease, Comparative Medicine, Non-Clinical Safety Evaluation of Drugs, Laboratory Animal Reproduction, Laboratory Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Anatomy, Animal Histology and Embryology, Animal Physiology, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Genetics, Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology.

Employment orientation: After graduation, students can engage in scientific research and management of laboratory animals in universities, scientific research institutes and large hospitals, or technical and management work in customs, environmental protection, commodity inspection, import and export inspection and quarantine, food and drug supervision and other administrative departments, or technical and management work in the manufacturing enterprises of laboratory animals and their facilities, biomedical enterprises, etc. The students can also apply for graduate studies in biology, animal science, animal medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering, food quality and safety, medicine, pharmacy and so on.

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