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Carry forward Lei Feng Spirit, Love and Help Action -- "Learn from Lei Feng" volunteer service theme activity of Animal Science College of Jilin University

SOURCE : TIME:2023-03-06

To cultivate and practice socialist core values, enrich the connotation of learning from Lei Feng activities for young people in the new era, vigorously promote the Lei Feng spirit, and advocate the new fashion of solidarity, friendship, civility and selfless dedication, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of learning from Lei Feng, the College of Animal Science of Jilin University and Beian Community of Chongqing Street jointly launched the "Carry Forward the Lei Feng Spirit" on March 1, 2023. Volunteer service activities with the theme of "Love Helps Action". The activity was organized by the Youth League Committee of the College of Animal Science. A total of 11 volunteers participated in the activity. The First Kindergarten Branch Committee of Jilin Provincial Direct Organ of the Communist Party of China and the first prison district of Changchun Prison also participated in this activity.

At 13 pm, the volunteer service team of the College of Animal Science arrived at the North Ann Community and finished docking with the staff. Under the assignment of the community secretary, volunteers were divided into three groups to clean up small advertising leaflets in and around four buildings in the North 'an Community.

The service aims to create a clean living environment for nearby residents. In this service, the volunteers took the initiative to clean up the advertisements and garbage in the corridor but also did not forget to keep the surface of all facilities in the corridor intact and clean.

Finally, all the participants took a group photo. As the only college student team participating in this activity, the style of our volunteers was fully recognized and appreciated by other units and left a good impression on the community staff and residents.