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College of Animal Science organized students to participate in the spring double selection Fair

SOURCE : TIME:2023-03-31

To promote the employment process of college graduates and guide graduates to actively seek jobs, the College of Animal Science actively responded to the call of the school and organized graduates to participate in the "Ten thousand enterprises into the campus" Jilin University 2023 graduates spring double selection meeting on the morning of March 24th. Mr. Xiao Jianrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Mr. Liu Jiao Ling, counselor of graduation grade, led the team to attend the meeting.

In the early stage of the activity, graduation counselors and part-time employment counselors actively promoted and mobilized students, especially graduates who had not yet decided their employment destination. They had one-on-one communication to encourage them to know the information of the employers in advance, improve their resumes according to the recruitment requirements of their favorite enterprises, and guide some students' resumes and self-introduction. Students should participate in the double selection meeting with confidence. On the morning of March 24th, the students took the bus from Heping Campus to the conference hall. After arriving at the venue, the students read the recruitment brochure carefully, look for their favorite enterprises, and have careful communication with the employers. The relevant responsible personnel of the recruitment unit also patiently solved the difficult problems for the students. After the double election, the students said that they have gained a lot, seeing both opportunities and pressures. Wu Kuishen, a nongraduating student from the 2020 class, attended the double selection. He said, "Today, I deeply felt the fierce competition for positions. Opportunities only come to those who are prepared. We should make adequate preparation for employment in advance. Students took a group photo at the activity site.

College of Animal Science will continue to do a good job in employment services, actively integrate internal and external resources, provide accurate assistance, and take multiple measures to help graduates successfully through career selection and employment.