Be down-to-earth and forward-looking -- The 7th Magic Mate Cup Class Presentation in Animal Reproduction of the College of Animal Science

SOURCE : TIME:2020-11-11

In order to help the students develop better knowledge of animal breeding, promote team spirits of students, encourage them to present what they have learned in an creative form, the 7th Magic Mate Cup Class Presentation in Animal Reproduction of the College of Animal Science was held in the meeting room on the first floor of the College of Animal Science on November 4, 2020. The contestants were all students from the Honors Program of Animal Reproduction of Grade 2018 in the College of Animal Science.

In this contest, students were free to form teams to present any knowledge points in the program of animal reproduction, without any restrictions on the way of presentation. After more than a month of preparation, these efforts were presented to all the teachers and students on November 4. There are 6 groups participating in the presentation, and all of them were eager to present their works carefully prepared in joint efforts with their teammates. The enthusiasm of students could be reflected through their diversified topics and forms of presentation, such as sitcom “Beautiful Love Between Sperm and Egg”, crosstalk “Big Change”, micro class “Male or Female, That’s a Question”, and micro film “Your Love”, just to list a few. The whole contest climaxed repeatedly, the applause prolonged, each performance brought a great surprise to the audience. In the sitcom “Beautiful Love Between Sperm and Egg”, students acted as sperm and egg and presented the whole process from sperm and egg formation to fertilization by simulating the pursuit of a lover; in the sitcom “x: Keep Silent or Succeed”, students acted as X and Y chromosomes to display the importance of X chromosome vividly; in micro film “Your Love”, two students imaginatively set the distance from Heping No. 1 Apartment to the canteen as the full path of sperm and egg meeting, showing the process of sperm and egg meeting from the perspective of sperm...All these performances amused the audience while conveying knowledge.

At the end of the show, all the students participated in a very special award ceremony according to the design of the competition -- Each group created an award for the other group, drew a certificate by hand, and a representative presented the award to all the students in the other group. There were a variety of interesting and appreciative awards, such as “Best Teamwork Award”, “Future Beijing Film Actor Award”, and “Tofu Project Award”. All these students won their own unique awards, and the competition ended with applause and laughter.

In the end, Ms. Chen Lu gave a concluding speech. She affirmed the efforts and dedication of all participants, and hoped that they would embrace a bright future with the knowledge, power and warmth acquired in the honors program. The students also expressed that they had the honor to learn in such a novel and interesting form and had harvested both knowledge and happiness. So far, the 7th Magic Mate Cup Class Presentation in Animal Reproduction of the College of Animal Science was concluded. It is hoped that, with the knowledge and team spirit acquired from this contest, all students can open up their own world in the future.

By Liu Ningchong