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2020 Undergraduate Programs of College of Animal Science

Animal Science

Faculty: Agriculture

Introduction: The major of animal science is a science based on biology that studies the basic laws of animal life, including genetic variation, growth and development, reproduction, digestion and metabolism. It aims to provide humans with high-quality and large quantity of animal products to meet the needs of people’s lives. As a neo-agriculture major included in the “Training Program for Outstanding Talents in Agriculture and Forestry 2.0”, modern animal science has integrated modern biotechnology, information technology and engineering technology, significantly expanding its research field and depth. Animal science is one of the most challenging and promising fields in life science in the 21st century. In October 2014, the major of animal science passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and was approved as the “Pilot Project for the Reform of the Training Model of Top-Notch Innovative Talents in Agriculture and Forestry” and “Pilot Project for the Reform of the Training Mode of Versatile and Practical Talents in Agriculture and Forestry”. Animal Husbandry, which is subordinate to Animal Science, was approved in the “13th Five-Year Plan” China Discipline Ranking in Jilin Province in 2017.This major aims at cultivating high-quality top innovative and versatile talents in animal science and technology who have the knowledge and skills in animal genetics and breeding, animal reproduction, animal nutrition and feed science, livestock environmental hygiene and pasture design, livestock farm management and animal production, special economic animal breeding and genetic engineering, and be innovative, with practical ability and international vision.

Training Objectives

This major aims at cultivating high-level professional talents in industries, universities and research institutes who have a good command of the basic knowledge of animal production, animal science theories, research methods, production technology, animal experiment skills and animal husbandry management capabilities, and be innovative, with practical ability and international vision.

This major includes animal science stream, laboratory animal stream and animal biotechnology stream. After graduation, students can engage in the technical work and general management in scientific and educational institutions, enterprises and government and industrial management departments related to animal genetics and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal production, laboratory animal feeding and management, animal experimentation, biology. Or they can also apply for graduate studies in relevant majors.

Five years after graduation, students will be able to independently engage in teaching and scientific research in the fields of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine or life sciences through practice and training in the social and professional fields, and be competent for corporate management, R&D and technical work in related fields.

Training Requirements:

Students of this major are required to learn the basic theory and knowledge of modern animal science, receive training in scientific thinking and scientific experiments in applied basic research and technological development, and have good scientific quality and certain skills in teaching, scientific research, development and management.

Graduates should have the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Have a systematic command of scientific theories and professional knowledge in animal anatomy, histology and embryology, animal physiology, animal biochemistry, animal genetics, breeding and reproduction, animal nutrition and feed science, laboratory animal science, etc.

2. Be proficient in the basic theories and skills of animal genetics, breeding, nutrition and feed; have a good command of animal resources investigation, breeding and livestock evaluation, breeding technology, breeding system, feed production and processing, ration formulation, animal production management, pasture design, environmental hygiene, animal husbandry environmental protection, development and utilization of animal products and other methods and technologies; have a good knowledge of laboratory animal breeding, production, feeding management and animal experiment technology.

3. Have a good command of a foreign language, be able to read foreign books and periodicals and professional materials, and to communicate academically and apply language comprehensively; have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software, master more than one computer programming language, have strong computer application ability.

4. Have a strong sense of sustainable development and the ability to track the development trend of animal husbandry industry and related disciplines; keep abreast of the scientific cutting edges and development trend of animal husbandry production and animal science, and have the ability to engage in the planning, research, production, organization and management of livestock and poultry and laboratory animal production;

5. Be familiar with domestic and foreign guidelines, policies and regulations related to animal husbandry and laboratory animal feeding management;

6. Be highly innovative, have practical ability, and able to engage in certain challenging work in the related field.

Major disciplines: Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Laboratory Animal Science

Main courses: Animal Histology and Anatomy, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Physiology, Animal Genetics, Laboratory Animal Science, Animal Breeding, Animal Reproduction, Animal Nutrition, Feed Science, Methods of Animal Experimentation, Animal Environment Hygiene, Biostatistics, Production of Animal, etc.

Main internship: Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Reproduction, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Methods of Animal Experimentation, Grassland Science and Feed Production Science, Pig Production, Poultry Production, Cattle Production, Sheep Production, Laboratory Animal Production, etc.

Major professional experiments: Animal Genetics, Breeding Science, Reproduction Technology, Feed Analysis, Ration Formulation, Animal Experiment Technology, Laboratory Animal Quality Testing Technology, Pasture Design, Animal Production Management, Molecular Cloning, etc.

Feature: Students in this major are trained to not only have a solid basic knowledge of life science, but also have a good command of professional scientific theories such as animal genetics, breeding and reproduction, nutrition and feed, and are familiar with large-scale production of high-quality and efficient animal products technology. Students of this major will study a number of fields such as economic animals, experimental animals, and companion animals. This major aims to cultivate two types of outstanding talents in agriculture and forestry, namely top-notch innovative talents and versatile and practical talents, who are competent for the work in a wide range of related fields.

Faculty: This major includes animal science stream, laboratory animal stream and animal biotechnology stream.

Employment orientation: After graduation, students are in a good position for applying for postgraduates in animal science, animal medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology and other related majors, and would be competent for the technical and management work in colleges and universities, scientific research, administrative management, enterprises and other departments related to animal genetics and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal production and so on.

Study Duration: Four years.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

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