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New and old School basketball exchange competition: The first Sports Culture Festival of the College of Animal Science officially opened!

SOURCE : TIME:2022-11-03

To enrich the recreational life of students of the College of Animal Science, enhance the team spirit and collective cohesion of students of the College of Animal Science, and help freshmen integrate into college life more quickly, the basketball exchange match of the College of Animal Science for new and old students was officially opened on the evening of October 10th in the Recreation and Sports Center of Heping Campus. The two teams participating in the competition are the freshman varsity made up of 2022 undergraduates and the senior varsity made up of 2019, 2020 and 2021 undergraduates. Wang Kejia, head of Youth League Committee of College of Animal Science, and Yin Xuanqi, instructor of Grade 2020, participated in the activity. The activity was hosted by Cui Chenbin, an undergraduate student of Grade 2022.

At the beginning of the game, the two teams carried out the offensive, running, accelerating, stopping, passing, squatting and jumping with full emotions. Along with the trajectory of basketball, a beautiful arc appeared in the basketball court and fell into the basket accurately. The old team received the first goal of the game. The new team is not to be outdone, quickly organized counterattack, a jersey, a tone of blood, indomitable, all the way passionate. There is an old saying: fresh clothes angry horse, young romantic. Although they have just entered college life, the youthful vitality of freshmen still makes the game full of passion and motivation. At the half time of the competition, Tang Wenbo, a 2021 undergraduate, brought the song "Bullfighting" to everyone. The 2022 undergraduate students, Chen Meiqian and He Haozhuo, brought attention to the enthusiastic dance performance. The wonderful performance attracted bursts of applause from the audience, easing the tense atmosphere of the competition. During this period, the players also stepped up communication and consultation and redistributed tactics. In the second half of the game, the freshmen team cooperated better and tried to catch up with the score but finally lost regret. After the game, the players from both sides shook hands and hugged each other, showing their friendship and taking photos. Friendship first, competition second. Although there are winners and losers in this competition, the players gain more from the joy of competition and sincere friendship. The basketball exchange competition of new and old students fully demonstrated the vigor and enthusiasm of our college students.

It is reported that this competition is the first activity of the first campus Culture Festival of the College of Animal Science, hosted by the campus Culture Department of the Student Union. In the next month, the campus Culture Department of the Student Union will hold 3V3 basketball games, football, table tennis, badminton, chess, tug-of-war and other sports to help our students exercise their will and strengthen their physical fitness in various sports.