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The College of Animal Science held the "Learning in Kedah, Learning in Animal Science" academic experience sharing session for 2022 undergraduate students.

SOURCE : TIME:2022-09-13

To guide freshmen to become familiar with university learning methods and make reasonable learning plans and personal growth plans, the College of Animal Science held the "Learn in Kettu, Learn in Animal Science" academic experience sharing meeting for undergraduates in Grade 2022 at 18:30 on September 3rd. This activity was organized by the Student Service Department of the Student Union. Senior students with 4.0 GPA in four courses, including College English, Calculus, College Computer and inorganic chemistry, were invited to share their learning experience. This activity was hosted by Kang Yining, a staff member of the Student Service Department, and attended by all undergraduates of Grade 2022.

The first person to share is Li Xinyan, a 2020 undergraduate majoring in animal science. She shared her experience of learning English. She suggested that people should start from their interests and quickly improve their English level by watching English movies or reading English literature. At the same time, you can also learn English pronunciation, sentence patterns, grammar and so on through the WeChat official account, B station and other platforms. In terms of CET-4 and CET-6, she said, CET-4 and CET-6 pay more attention to the absorption and understanding of the questions than the tactics used in high school. She closes with "The years teach much which the days never know."

Next, Li Xiang, a 2020 undergraduate majoring in animal science, shared his experience of learning calculus. He first listed the content of calculus and explained the importance of calculus compared with other subjects. He summarized the experience of learning calculus to get high marks in sixteen words: good preview, skillful note-taking, repeated experience, and pay attention to homework. He also recommended the calculus teaching videos of Mr. Song Hao and Mr. Tang Jiafeng and three software programs, WOLFRAM, MATLAB and Maple Calculator, which can help students learn calculus efficiently.

The next person to share experience is Tang Yifei, a 2021 undergraduate majoring in animal science. She analyzed the course content from the teaching materials and pointed out the key points and difficulties. She gave the students two suggestions: first, for theoretical knowledge, pay attention to the classroom, repeated practice exercises; Second, for the operation part, to be good at hands-on, after class download software, repeated operations.

The last person to share is Wang Zhan, a 2021 undergraduate majoring in animal science. He concluded that inorganic chemistry in universities has three characteristics: many repetitive knowledge points with high school, a large amount of calculation, and more content involving three elective courses in high school. He suggested that students should preview in advance and do the questions repeatedly in the process of learning. He also explained the question types of radio, fill in the blank, question and answer, calculation and so on one by one, reminding students that they must attach great importance to the practice of exercises after class.

In the free exchange section, the 2022 freshmen also actively asked questions, and the seniors patiently gave answers. This experience sharing will help freshmen become familiar with college course content in advance, master college learning methods, and integrate into college learning in a better state. At the same time, it also strengthens the exchange and communication between new and old students, helps students develop good learning habits, and promotes the formation of a strong learning atmosphere in the college.