The College of Animal Science successfully co-organized the 2022 vocational skills competition for livestock breeding in Jilin Province.

SOURCE : TIME:2022-09-30

  According to the notice of the Fifth National Agricultural Industry Vocational skills Competition of the Ministry of Agriculture and villages, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the all-China Federation of Trade unions in 2022, the livestock breeding vocational skills competition in Jilin Province was successfully held in Changchun on September 16, 2022. The competition is jointly sponsored by Jilin Animal Husbandry Administration, Jilin Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Jilin Provincial Federation of Trade unions, Jilin Animal Husbandry General Station and the College of Animal Science of Jilin University.

  In order toToensure the smooth progress of the competition, the College of Animal Science, as a co-organizer, actively planned with the organizers to provide support from the aspects of prepre-competition training, player selection, competition schedule and equipment. The agricultural experimental base of the school provided 12 Jun Mu No. 1 white pigs as competition animals for this competition. The competition organizing committee invited Professor Zhang Jiabao, Professor Sun Boxing, Associate Professor Liang Shuang, Senior engineer Pan Yingshu and 9 industry experts from Jilin Agricultural University, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences to judge and arbitrate the competition.

  Livestock breeder is anbreeders areimportant skilled workworkers in theanimal husbandry industry, which playsand play an important role in animal husbandry production, especially in the construction of improved breedbreeding system ofsystems for livestock and poultry. There are 30 contestants from 10 cities and states in this competition. The on-the-spot skill examination of livestock breederbreeders includes four items, namely, the detection of sperm motility and density of pig semen at room temperature, the determination of pig backfat, the identification of sow estrusoestrus and routine insemination. The contestants should operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, comparing not only the technical standards and quality, but also the speed of completion, and the referee will score one by one according to each operational detail. After a whole day of fierce competition, the team award and individual award were selected according to the overall performance ranking. The top three contestants with individual scores may be awarded the title of "Technical expert of Jilin Province" with the approval of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

  Zhang Chengtai, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Animal Husbandry Administration; Chi Junjie, director of the Animal Husbandry Development Department; Cai Hongwei, a second-level researcher of the Professional capacity Building Department of the Jilin Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department; and Zhang Lin, a fourth-level researcher of the Jilin Provincial Federation of Trade unions, attended the competition.

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