Technical report of College of Animal Sciences (202301)

SOURCE : TIME:2023-03-23

  Time: 15:30 on March 23, 2023.

  Ground point: conference room on the first floor of the college.

  Topic 1: sharing of ideas onthe three-dimensional Genomegenome.

  Speaker: Liu Chengling project engineer.

  Content Abstract: differentDifferent tissue cells of the same individual and the same cell have different expression patterns at different stages of development, differentiation, andresponse regulation. How does the same genome achieve specific expression? As a part of epigenetics,the three-dimensional genome studies the regulationregulatory mechanism of chromatin spatial structure changes on biological phenomena. This sharing will introduce Hi-C (high-throughput chromatin conformational capture) technology and exchange high-level research ideas on three-dimensional genomes.

  Topic 2: research status and progress of exocrine transboundary interaction.

  Speaker: Zhan Leilei, postdoctoral fellow of Zhejiang University.

  ContentAbstract: exosomesExosomes area kind ofnanoscale vesicles with bilayer membranestructurestructures that are secreted by cells. Animal, plant and microbial cells can produce a large number of exocrine vesicles in life activities, thus carrying out intercellular material communication and information transmission. Recently, it has been found that exocrine vesicles from different biological sources can play a role in the cross-kingdom regulatory system. For example, exocrine bodies from plants can cross multiple biological barriers to enter animal cells and release contents, thus regulating animal genes. In this lecture, the research status and strategies of transboundary regulation of animal genes by plant exocrine will be exchangeddiscussed.

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